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              About us


              Guangzhou gifted fly Information Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Guangzhou Tianhe Software Park, is a professional engaged in human-computer intelligent operating system and application of geographic information system hardware and software development of high-tech companies, the company after many years of accumulated technology and to declare the patent technology of more than a dozen. Committed to becoming the leading domestic UAV intelligent industry solutions provider.
              Company's have Umap without man-machine intelligent aerial survey system, UAV image quick spell Rubik's cube, small magic based mobile spatial information platform, UGlobe three-dimensional spatial information service platform and other core products, products and data acquisition services are widely applied in power inspection, inspection of soil survey, urban management and monitoring, environmental forensics, water conservancy, engineering management, survey the surveying and mapping industry.

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              Telephone: 020-85167660

              Postbox: servicethe www.articleandnews.com

              URL: http://www.www.articleandnews.com

              Address: No. 1, Guangzhou Internet industry park, No. 3, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, B105

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